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You can reach us by phone every day between 09:00-17:30 for answers about bookings, information about Rotterdam and other questions.

You can also email or app us (outside office hours), we always try to respond as soon as possible.


Near the erasmus bridge
Baan 175
3011CA Rotterdam

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most frequently asked questions

What tours are there?

We have different tours and during each tour you will discover the beautiful city of Rotterdam in a different way. Our Highlight Bike Tour takes you along the special highlights of Rotterdam, the nice thing about this is that you will also pass highlights that you would not have thought of right away. It can also be booked in private option. During the Haven Fietstour you will pass all of Rotterdam’s harbor spots, this even includes a boat ride. It too can be booked in private option.

For students we have the student tour, this will also take you to all the highlights in Rotterdam. Do you prefer to walk and are curious about the highlights in Rotterdam? Join us on a walking tour and in two hours you will pass many cool highlights of the city. Our newest tour is the Instant Camera Tour. Walking with a Fujifilm Instax Camera, we will go on a tour of sights in Rotterdam: such as colorful street art, beautiful buildings, captivating vistas, but taking selfies is also allowed

Where can I park?

Rotterdam is a big city with many parking garages. In our blog, we have listed all the parking garages around downtown. Parking is easiest near the Erasmus Bridge or at the APCOA parking scheepsvaartkwartier. From there it is a short walk to us.

Is there a corona protocol with you guys?

On June 1, 2021, we tie our laces, dust off the bikes and scrape our throats … after a forced break thanks to COVID-19, it’s time again to organize Rotterdam’s most fun city tours! But of course, this does not go without a hitch and we take appropriate measures to keep the tours on track. Below you can read our comprehensive tour protocol with additional measures around the coronavirus. These adjustments will be observed on every tour until further notice.

All the measures listed are taken to prevent further spread of the virus. We want our participants to still enjoy our tours in a responsible manner and hope for all understanding and cooperation. seeRotterdam will, for as long as necessary, employ appropriate measures with health and safety being the highest priority.

Which station is closest to you?

It is easiest to travel by subway towards the Leuvehaven. From here it is a few minutes’ walk toward us. Of course, you can also take the above-ground; the streetcar also has a stop called Leuvehaven.

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